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30 JANUARY 2024
Vacancy: Legal Internship at Newlaw
If you are truly interested in an intriguing legal internship and have the requisite potential!
03 NOVEMBER 2023
27 OCTOBER 2023
25 OCTOBER 2023
06 JUNE 2023
Telephone and E-Frauds
Strategies to avoid and fend them off
11 JANUARY 2023
Dark Waters: the case of Caroline Crouch at Glyka Nera
02 DECEMBER 2022
The legal analysis of the tragic death of the young Emmanuela in Kamara Thessaloniki: fatal bodily injury or fatal exposure?
14 NOVEMBER 2022
Dark Waters: the case of Caroline Crouch at Glyka Nera
Dark Waters: the case of Caroline Crouch at Glyka Nera
03 JUNE 2022
Dark Waters: the case of Caroline Crouch at Glyka Nera
19 FEBRUARY 2022
Telephone and E-Frauds
Strategies to avoid and fend them off
27 DECEMBER 2021
Vacancy: Legal Internship at Newlaw
If you are truly interested in an intriguing legal internship and have the requisite potential!
13 NOVEMBER 2021
Register your trademarks in Europe through EUIPO!
Despite the current problems of the EUIPO platform, NEWLAW offers the solution! Contact us to make your application for registering your trademark in Europe now!
13 NOVEMBER 2021
Dissemination of Fake News? The New Section 191 of the Greek Penal Code
13 NOVEMBER 2021
Violence and Harassment in the Workplace: an international and not merely a Greek reality
Law 4808/2021 obliges all companies with personnel over 20 people to adopt special measures against violence and harassment in the workplace.
23 JUNE 2021
Dark Waters: the case of Caroline Crouch at Glyka Nera
10 JUNE 2021
Protect your human rights: how to lodge an application before the European Court of Human Rights
21 MARCH 2020
Law 4640/2019 - What Does the New Greek Law for Obligatory Mediation Foresee?
11 MARCH 2020
06 MARCH 2020
03 FEBRUARY 2020
Greek businesses and hackers: cyber crime on the rise
23 JANUARY 2020
13 JANUARY 2020
The big court battle for short-term Airbnb rentals
21 NOVEMBER 2019
Vacancy: Legal Internship at Newlaw
If you are truly interested in an intriguing legal internship and have the requisite potential!
07 NOVEMBER 2019
Interview regarding the New Greek Data Protection Legislation (Law 4624/2019)
Dr Victor Tsilonis, NEWLAW co-founder, talks about the new Greek Data Protection Legislation (Law 4624/2019) which harmonises the Greek leglisation with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.
01 NOVEMBER 2019
Speech at the International Crime Court in The Hague
07 OCTOBER 2019
Regarding Birds and Other Demons
The story of a wrongfully accused person because he was keeping three birds at his business premises. The accused was acquited of all charges but still had to pay an administrative fine of €1.000 for one of the birds, which was allegedly belonged to a protected bird species.
15 JULY 2019
Triple Crown: Dr Victor Tsilonis was elected Member of the Executive Council, Vice-President for Victims and Chairman of the Professional Standards Advisory Committee of the International Criminal Court Bar Association
07 MAY 2019
Medical Negligence and Military Law
Greek military law should be updated in order to cover more adequately cases of medical negligence.
25 APRIL 2019
A novel myth: the supposed restriction of partners' liability in non profit companies pursuant to Law 4605/2019
Law 4605/2019 does not actually restrict the liability of partners in non profit companies/organisations but for exceptionally limited and old cases...
19 FEBRUARY 2019
The New Greek Private Insolvency Law Legislation: Ιnterview of Victor Tsilonis on Vergina TV
14 FEBRUARY 2019
Who is afraid of the Code of Conduct?
04 FEBRUARY 2019
NEWLAW welcomes Mr. Konstantinos Mortopoulos on board!
30 JANUARY 2019
Dr Victor Tsilonis was elected as Alternate Member of the ICC Disciplinary Board
19 JANUARY 2019
What to do if you have received a letter regarding your debt transfer
16 JANUARY 2019
Victor Tsilonis gets interviewed on Greek National Television
16 JANUARY 2019
Personal Data and Scientific Research
16 JANUARY 2019
NEWLAW's client gets total debt write-off
14 JANUARY 2019
Dr Victor Tsilonis shares a statement on Alpha Radio 989
16 DECEMBER 2018
Questions and Answers: State Cuts in Allowances and Pensions
11 DECEMBER 2018
NEWLAW welcomes Eirini - Nikoleta Favgi in its family!
03 DECEMBER 2018
Uber gets fined for personal data breach
23 OCTOBER 2018
Dr Victor Tsilonis Speech
Dr Victor Tsilonis statment about Airbnb
How to register Airbnb rentals in the new greek digital platform
The new system of online auctions in Greece
23 AUGUST 2018
Court of Justice of the European Union: Situation in which the work has been copied onto a server without the consent of the copyright holder
23 JULY 2018
Are the amendments to the Greek Private Insolvency Law (Nomos Katseli) contrary to the GDPR's consent requirements?
20 JULY 2018
Airbnb: new tax audits from the Greek authorities
19 JULY 2018
The amendments introduced by the greek goverment on the law regarding unregistered employment
18 JULY 2018
Bundesgerichtshof: Facebook accounts can be inherited
06 JULY 2018
Law 4548/2018 reforms the status of Public Limited Companies in Greece
18 JUNE 2018
Amendments of the Greek Private Insolvency Law (3869/2010 aka Nomos Katseli)
01 JUNE 2018
24 MAY 2018
17 MAY 2018
11 MAY 2018
23 APRIL 2018
23 APRIL 2018
GDPR Seminar from Zisimatos Seminars and Newlaw
30 MARCH 2018
Health Data Protection under the GDPR
19 MARCH 2018
New GDPR Project in Greece
NEWLAW offers spealised DPO services to Fovera Prostasia.
19 MARCH 2018
Administrative Fines for Greek Businesses under the GDPR
13 MARCH 2018
The Greek draft Data Protection Bill
09 MARCH 2018
07 MARCH 2018
Event regarding Regulation 679/2016 in cooperation with IBC
03 MARCH 2018
Criminal Justice Magazine Publishes a Review for Victor Tsilonis Book "The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court"
02 MARCH 2018
DPO Services from Newlaw through the DataProtect.gr Network
NEWLAW offers you spealised DPO services through the DatProtect Network.
09 FEBRUARY 2018
Newlaw joins forces with Global Greece on GDPR-related seminars
NEWLAW is proud to continue its collaboration with Global Greece - Export Support Services.
05 FEBRUARY 2018
Newlaw joins forces with Global Greece on Airbnb-style short-term rentals
NEWLAW is proud to continue its collaboration with Global Greece - Export Support Services.
22 JANUARY 2018
"Compulsory Mediation" under Greek Law No 4512/2018
Articles 178 to 206 of Law 4512/2018 which was approved by the Greek Parliament in the evening of Monday, January 15, 2018, regulate mediation in civil and commercial matters.
18 DECEMBER 2017
The Legal Framework of Home Renting through Airbnb in Greece
15 NOVEMBER 2017
08 NOVEMBER 2017
Victor Tsilonis is appointed as ICCBA National Focal Point for Greece
30 OCTOBER 2017
09 OCTOBER 2017
28 JUNE 2017
09 JUNE 2017
17 MAY 2017
12 MAY 2017
28 APRIL 2017
26 APRIL 2017
03 APRIL 2017
28 MARCH 2017
21 FEBRUARY 2017
23 JANUARY 2017
23 NOVEMBER 2016
24 OCTOBER 2016
04 OCTOBER 2016
Greek Citizens Forced to Commit Electricity Theft
The deep economic crisis has led many Greek citizens to electricity theft...
30 AUGUST 2016
The New Abolition of Criminal Offences: the Peculiar Provisions of Law 4411/2016
11 JULY 2016
05 JULY 2016
28 JUNE 2016
22 JUNE 2016
17 JUNE 2016
02 JUNE 2016
30 MAY 2016
26 MAY 2016
25 MAY 2016
23 MAY 2016
18 MAY 2016
17 MAY 2016
13 MAY 2016
09 MAY 2016
25 APRIL 2016
21 APRIL 2016
20 APRIL 2016
15 APRIL 2016
13 APRIL 2016
12 APRIL 2016
11 APRIL 2016
11 APRIL 2016
08 APRIL 2016
08 APRIL 2016
31 MARCH 2016
29 MARCH 2016
28 MARCH 2016
24 MARCH 2016
18 MARCH 2016
17 MARCH 2016
16 MARCH 2016
15 MARCH 2016
08 MARCH 2016
07 MARCH 2016
02 MARCH 2016
26 FEBRUARY 2016
24 FEBRUARY 2016
22 FEBRUARY 2016
19 FEBRUARY 2016
19 FEBRUARY 2016
18 FEBRUARY 2016
17 FEBRUARY 2016
17 FEBRUARY 2016
12 FEBRUARY 2016
12 FEBRUARY 2016
10 FEBRUARY 2016
10 FEBRUARY 2016
10 FEBRUARY 2016
10 FEBRUARY 2016
10 FEBRUARY 2016
09 FEBRUARY 2016
05 FEBRUARY 2016
04 FEBRUARY 2016
02 FEBRUARY 2016
01 FEBRUARY 2016
01 FEBRUARY 2016
01 FEBRUARY 2016
28 JANUARY 2016
27 JANUARY 2016
27 JANUARY 2016
26 JANUARY 2016
25 JANUARY 2016
25 JANUARY 2016
22 JANUARY 2016
21 JANUARY 2016
20 JANUARY 2016
20 JANUARY 2016
19 JANUARY 2016
18 JANUARY 2016
18 JANUARY 2016
15 JANUARY 2016
14 JANUARY 2016
13 JANUARY 2016
12 JANUARY 2016
11 NOVEMBER 2015
11 NOVEMBER 2015
10 NOVEMBER 2015
09 NOVEMBER 2015
06 NOVEMBER 2015
06 NOVEMBER 2015
06 NOVEMBER 2015
06 NOVEMBER 2015
05 OCTOBER 2015
08 APRIL 2015
Digea beats the Small Media
The One-Member Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki rejected the petitions for restraining orders of the TV stations ...
08 APRIL 2015
Athina Tsakalou denies release
The 60-year-old mother of Tsakalou brothers, Athina Tsakalou, rejects her release...
08 APRIL 2015
Value Added Tax Payment Online
The direct online payment of the Value Added Tax (VAT) by the companies promptly after the client’s payment...
08 APRIL 2015
Criminal Prosecutions concerning the Volvi Case
Criminal prosecutions concerning the criminal devastavit for damages that exceed the amount of 1,500,000 euros are provided in the legal files...
08 APRIL 2015
The European Union in favor of the Presumption of Innocence
What the European Union pursuits is to close the holes in the legal systems of the state-members...
08 APRIL 2015
The Felonies Appellate Court erases the 22-year imprisonment
A 36-year-old from Amaliada, who had been unanimously convicted to a 22-year imprisonment ...
08 APRIL 2015
Court of First Instance stops the baptism of minor
With his petition filed before the court, the Muslim father, opposed his daughter’s baptism...
08 APRIL 2015
22-year-old student of the Manpower Employment Organization released
The 22-year-old student who injured with a knife three of her fellow students ...
08 APRIL 2015
Women Victims of Violence in Thessaloniki
After having outlined the profile of women that are victims of violence, the president of the Association of Social Exclusion and Mental Health (ASEMH) ...
08 APRIL 2015
America, the Land of the Wronged on Death Row
She has spent 23 years in the death row ward for a crime that she steadfastly maintained she had not committed. Last week ...
08 APRIL 2015
Judicial Victory for Debtor of Social Security Contributions
Judicial vindication of businessman for non-payment of social security contributions and unique legal precedent ...
08 APRIL 2015
DNA Use as Means of Evidence in Greece Wrong
This judicial practice, as it has been enforced by the Greek courts, is fully opposed to international judicial experience...
03 APRIL 2015
Former official of the National Intelligence Service acquitted
The former highly ranked official of the National Intelligence Service Kostas Aggelakis was found innocent ...
03 APRIL 2015
Trial concerning the Greek Statue from Libya
A unique sepulchral statue from the Greek colony of Cyrene Libya originating in 3d century B.C. constitutes a subject of dispute in a British courthouse...
03 APRIL 2015
Prosecutors react against the prisons project
A confrontation has taken place between the Ministry of Justice and the Greek Prosecutors Association concerning the forwarded bill ...
01 APRIL 2015
58-year-old arrested for molesting a child in Thessaloniki
The Greek Police Department for the Protection of Minors in Thessaloniki was promptly mobilized...
01 APRIL 2015
Accused for obstruction of traffic proved innocent
During the toll-post mobilization throughout Thessalia...
01 APRIL 2015
Grandmother and granddaughter poisoned with arsenic
The District Court Prosecutor Foteini Kreonidou instituted penal prosecution against anyone responsible...
01 APRIL 2015
Open Annual Assessment of the Bar Association of Athens
For the first time in the history of the Bar Association of Athens (BAA) an open assessment is conducted...
01 APRIL 2015
Trial of ‘Fixed Prepayment’ suspended for the Fourth Time
The Three Member Felonies Appellate Court of Thessaloniki postponed the hearing of the case ...
23 MARCH 2015
Final Scene in the Special Court
Today, the final curtain falls on the evidence proceedings of the Special Court, before which Giorgos Papakonstaninou ...
23 MARCH 2015
Seizure of immovable property blocked
In 2007 a borrower took out a business loan of 376,700 Swiss francs (230,000 euros) with a three-year installment protection...
23 MARCH 2015
Red Loan Fund with the Participation of the Banks
The “evil bank” is to operate in the form of a fund or an asset management corporation...
23 MARCH 2015
The Drivers of Car Violations Are To Be Tracked Down Throughout Europe
The rules concerning the information exchange on car violations committed by drivers of foreign vehicles are to be applied in every country ...
23 MARCH 2015
Legal Framework on the Digital Transactions via Bitcoin in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom promotes the enactment of a special legislation for the digital transactions within the scope of attempting to support this novelty...
23 MARCH 2015
Exorbitant Credit Card Interest Rates Lawful
Based on the history of the case, the consumer’s credit card was issued in November 2004 and the imposed by the bank interest rate rose to...
23 MARCH 2015
Veteran tennis player Bob Hewitt guilty for raping minors
The 75-year-old former Australian tennis champion Bob Hewitt was found guilty today for...
23 MARCH 2015
Vatopedi Trial: Defendants Ask for Expulsion of State from the Civil Action Position
The trial for the so-called ‘holy land swaps’ of Vatopedi Monastery continued before the Three Member Felonies Appellate Court...
19 MARCH 2015
Savas Xiros soon to be released
Savas Xiros, member of the terrorist group November 17th and sentenced several times to life-imprisonment, will be eligible for release since his disability percentage is over 80%...
19 MARCH 2015
Troika ‘vetoes’ the Humanitarian Crisis Law
In a text said to have been sent to the Greek authorities, the European Commission Representative Mr. Costello characterizes the bills ...
19 MARCH 2015
Vaggelis Yakoumakis’ death a suicide
The death of 20-year-old student Vaggelis Yakoumakis turned out to be a suicide...
18 MARCH 2015
Motion concerning the Same Sex Marriage Negative
Justice of the Supreme Court Haralambos Mahairas is planning to enter a motion before the 1st Political Department of the Supreme Civil...
18 MARCH 2015
Athens Law School Dean files charges
The Dean of the University of Athens Law School demanded yesterday, on behalf of the Rector, the intervention of Justice ...
12 MARCH 2015
Infant sale for 3.000 €
The shocking case of an infant sale was revealed on Monday night by police officers of Kalamata Police Department, who arrested four offenders...
12 MARCH 2015
Smart Taxation
A most interesting note on the subject of everyday tax evasion was added via the proposal made by officials of the Independent Greeks Party...
10 MARCH 2015
Judges at the Court of Appeal avoid Patra
The issue of lack of judges in the specific court has caused serious problems in the trial of cases, taking into account the heavy workload on the dockets...
10 MARCH 2015
Golden Dawn Trial Approaches
The trial of the defendants of the Golden Dawn case is going to be held in a special room of Koridallos prison on April 20...
10 MARCH 2015
Dismissal of Principal on account of bullying incidents
Since yesterday, Mr. Kostas Mangaris is no longer part of the administration of the Institute of Dairy Technology in Ioannina, to whom liabilities are attributed for the now publicly known serious bullying ...
10 MARCH 2015
Antonia Helia Returns to Greece
The petition of the former judge of the Court of First Instance Antonia Helia for her non-extradition to Greece was denied...
10 MARCH 2015
The Bar Associations can validate the Authentic Signature
It has been clarified by the General Secretariat of Public Revenue (GSPR) that the administrative authorities ought to accept ...
10 MARCH 2015
Arrested Again Within 24 Hours
The 46-year-old man, who managed to escape from the Courthouse of Thessaloniki...
10 MARCH 2015
The Cohabitation Agreement for same-sex couples is to be drafted
According to a relevant statement of the Minister of Justice Nikos Paraskevopoulos in Vima FM...
10 MARCH 2015
The Council of State stopped the sale of Asteras
By calling upon the constitutional ban on taking actions that deteriorate the living conditions and downgrade the residential environment...
05 MARCH 2015
Discontinuance of ‘Vatopedi Trial’ on account of overcrowding
The trial for the case of ‘holy’ swapping of Vatopedi Monastery real estate with the Greek state has been discontinued yesterday...
05 MARCH 2015
Hunger Strike in Domokos Prisons
Prisoners Kostas Gournas and Dimitris Koufontinas announced via text...
05 MARCH 2015
Citizens’ access in justice severely hindered
The Administrative Tribunal Union attributes the excessive accumulation of cases to the social-economic instabilities expressed in the laws ...
05 MARCH 2015
Real Property Tax Constitutional
The Plenary of the Council of State has held the enforcement of the Real Property Tax (RPT) under the decision 532/2015 as constitutional and consistent with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
05 MARCH 2015
Vatopedi Monastery Trial Begins
The trial will be free from any political ‘colours’, since no political figure is going to answer for ...
05 MARCH 2015
Judicial Warning concerning the ‘monster’ of multitude of laws
The unilateral preoccupation with the quantitative performance of the courts constitutes a dangerous diversion....
02 MARCH 2015
Permits of Hellas Gold reviewed
The Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy is going to review the permits granted to Hellas Gold...
02 MARCH 2015
Complaint concerning the Emergency Contingent Charge for Electrified Covered Areas (EETHDE)
The plenary of the country’s Bar Associations demands the initial tax paid by the owners of real properties through the Hellenic Public Power Corporation bills (Emergency Contingent Charge for Electrified Covered Areas-EETHDE) from 2011 to 2012...
02 MARCH 2015
Imprisonment of lawyer for the Vatopedi Case
A well-known lawyer, accused for blackmail in exchange for real properties that were transferred to Vatopedi Monastery...
02 MARCH 2015
Council of State ‘drops bomb’ for educators
The Plenary of the Council of State deemed the hiring system for educators by the Law 3848/2010 anti-constitutional...
02 MARCH 2015
Deep Concern for the Prison Mafias
The Minister of Justice Nikos Paraskevopoulos has described as “justified” the rage of the correctional employees who exploded last Saturday...
02 MARCH 2015
The Protection Criteria for the main residence
The government stops the auctions concerning the main residence up until the end of 2015, by obligating borrowers to pay the installments to the banks
02 MARCH 2015
Still prisoners even though they have served their sentence
The correctional employees of Patra live in a state of constant worry, ever since a 42-year-old colleague of theirs was attacked ...
02 MARCH 2015
Gang of maids robbed elderly people
Poisonous women tracked down elderly victims in hospitals all over Attiki, pretending to be kind private nurses and ‘willing’ housemaids...
02 MARCH 2015
High-tech Cannabis Greenhouses in Two Storey Houses
A great criminal network based in Athens was found with cannabis plantations worth 50 million euros in its possession...
20 FEBRUARY 2015
Suggestion for the Founding of Online Court
The United Kingdom judicial system is about to undergo a radical reformation in order to coincide with the new digital era...
20 FEBRUARY 2015
Papageorgopoulos and Lemousias remain in Prison
Their petitions for suspended sentence were rejected by the Five-member Court of Appeals yesterday ...
20 FEBRUARY 2015
Athens Ombudsman is challenged
Head of SYRIZA of Glyfada Municipality and town councilor Mr. Tastanis expressed his disapproval of the “Athens Ombudsman” institution...
20 FEBRUARY 2015
Athens Bar Association Demands Minister of Justice Intervention
The Athens Bar Association demands the intervention of the Minister of Justice Nikos Paraskevopoulos via a letter of urgency...
20 FEBRUARY 2015
Prosecutor suggests Strauss-Kahn be acquitted
Yesterday the prosecutor of the penal court of Lille called for the “pure and simple” acquittal of the former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn ...
20 FEBRUARY 2015
Rumanian driver released for 50.000 euro
The Romanian driver caused a lethal pile-up of forty vehicles with his heavy lorry at the Veroia intersection...
20 FEBRUARY 2015
The Decision of the Appellate Court concerning the case of ‘Nefeli’ Hotel has been announced
The Three Member Appellate Court of Thessaloniki has imposed penalties ranging from 18 months to three years and three months imprisonment with suspension of sentence ...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
The European legal framework for the ‘crowdfunding’ method comes in 2019
That was mentioned, inter alia, at yesterday’s meeting at the National Hellenic Research Foundation...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Latest Tax Law news
The recent developments in the European and Greek Tax Law are to become the main theme of the conference that is hosted in Thessaloniki by the International Hellenic University...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Lawyers below the poverty line
The Bar Association of Volos data show that in 2014 19% of its members were unemployed, since they did not enter a court appearance, while 14% were underemployed with one-five entries of court appearance...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
‘No’ to selective religiousness
Georgios Androutsopoulos, lawyer and lecturer of the Law School of the University of Athens, while elaborating on the topic “Ecclesiastical funeral and burial or cremation...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
The roles of the state and church discernible
The conference program outline under the theme “Rules of the Church and Laws of the State” that began in Volos yesterday is comprised of contemporary matters that concern the society...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Kalamaria: the promenade front is being protected – free spaces are brought out
The reviewed general city planning of the Municipality of Kalamaria, which has been approved and published in the Government Gazette...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Mystery-deaths from arsenic poisoning
The Thessaloniki police investigate in utmost secrecy the two mystery deaths of a 75-year-old and her 32-year-old granddaughter...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Mobile network antenna removed from Pylaia
The massive protests of hundreds of residents in the Municipality of Pylaia-Hortiatis in Thessaloniki concerning the removal of a dangerous mobile network antenna forced ...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
The great journey between her house and work ‘saved’ a 55-year-old borrower
More specifically, under the decision 4/2015, the Magistrate’s Court of Lavrio settled the 55-year-old woman’s debts of 32,313€ ...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Vasilis Papageorgopoulos demands to be released
In his petition for penalty reprieve the former mayor of Thessaloniki ....
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Prosecutor in the Greek National Health Service of Thessaloniki
The corruption prosecutor of Thessaloniki Argiris Dimopoulos has ordered an urgent preliminary examination, after a report was made by the director of the services department in the Greek National Health Service...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Marriage...on the rocks in Athens
Fewer divorces in conjuction with the weddings were counted last year in the municipality of Mesogeia...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Juvenile detention and high security prisons come to an end
The Minister of Justice N. Paraskevopoulos brings radical changes, by announcing beforehand the abolition of the new-founded institution of high security prisons (type C) ...
17 FEBRUARY 2015
The suspension of the Golden Dawn funding constitutional
The suspension of the state funding of the Golden Dawn party, which took place in 2013 due to the party’s legal problems, was found constitutional...
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