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    NEWLAW reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use at any time and without justification; the modifications are taken into consideration only if they are expressed in writing and incorporated in the present text. Therefore, the users are advised to check regularly the content of these terms. In case an issue of total or partial invalidity or inability to implement a single term arises, the validity of the rest of the terms is not affected in any way. The void that may arise in the agreement between NEWLAW and the user by this invalid term can be completed with new or modified lawful terms that correspond to the greatest extent to the invalid term. The above are into effect for any case and any matters that are not expressly regulated within the text of the terms and conditions of use.


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    It is expressly forbidden to use, copy, save, disseminate, republish, transfer, issue, download, translate and modify in any way part or the total of NEWLAW content and services offered to it without prior written authorization by the owner. In the event that the NEWLAW administrators realize that a member (with a valid subscription or free) proceeds to regular extraction of an essential part or the total of the NEWLAW database manually or automatically, the NEWLAW administrators may deactivate their account without prior notice and also exercise any legal right.

    The storage and copying of single parts of the content to a personal computer for strictly personal use is allowed. The want of intention to trade or financially exploit this information in any other way, as well as the reference to its source constitutes a prerequisite. However, this should not be misinterpreted as indication of will to concede copyright on behalf of NEWLAW.


  • The law firm NEWLAW offers you safely, credibly and transparently via its novel online platform the ability to use an advanced information system in order to address your case. Therefore, now you have the ability to start addressing the case that has been troubling you directly via the NEWLAW platform from the comfort of your own house. It is simple: answer the questions which have already been prepared by us, depending on the nature of your case (e.g. renting a house, filing a tort claim, applying for the indebted household regulation etc.) and we take care of the rest.

    Firstly, you select the option “Your Case” from the main menu. Then you click on the general category you are interested in (e.g. Family, Cars, Real Property etc.) and then to the type of case you wish to start handling, such as No-Fault Divorce, Car Transfer or Rental of Flat. After you make your final selection, you are automatically transferred to the question section. After you have written all your personal information (full name, telephone number, address etc.), you answer questions which are different each time, depending on the nature of your case. When the questions end, you will be asked to send us all the necessary documents either online or via post office (according to the instructions), such as a lease contract, copy of identity card, family status certificate etc. Therefore, you avoid any unnecessary traveling and finish the first stage of the process by helping us save valuable time.

    Our aim is clear: to save you time and money, since that way you avoid unnecessary traveling, while simultaneously the time we spend on your case is reduced. Moreover, we are here for you in the traditional and direct way of the personal contact. If you wish, you can set an appointment for a meeting or a teleconference via our website.

    After you pay the corresponding displayed fee, you will receive a draft for the extra-judicial or judicial settlement of your case within 2 days and thus you witness with tangible results the first important development of your case.


  • With the present agreement the user accepts that they realize the international nature of the internet and are bound to implement appropriate conduct (netiquette). In cases where NEWLAW presents a user/member with the opportunity to publish, send via personal message to another user/member or otherwise any information, audiovisual material, text, link to another website or in general any readable/usable record via a computer or another electronic device, the users themselves who sent/published the data are solely responsible for its content. You are reminded that transmission rights for the content must exist in accordance either with the current legislation or with any legal conventional relation of the user for any publication/transmission. In any case, the use of the following in the content is forbidden:

    • Any illegal, insulting, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, defamatory, annoying content, detrimental to minors or expressing national, racial or other discrimination
    • Any content that infringes third party intellectual or other rights, including trademarks, secrets and other patents
    • Any content that includes a virus, detrimental software or code (malware), unbidden advertising material (pop-up) and unwanted massive e-mails (spam) which can cause either temporary or permanent damage/ malfunction on the hardware or software of a computer, smart or not electronic device or delays, interventions, disruptions on the operations of the server or any other telecommunications network.
    • Any content that includes a false statement concerning the user or impersonation of any other individual (natural person or legal entity)
    • Any content that includes false, inaccurate or willfully incomplete date concerning the person, capacity, personal information of the particular user or the reason for browsing through the website/novel platform.

    The NEWLAW user is bound not to use the website to promote actions that can lead to criminal prosecution or initiate any administrative process against NEWLAW for actions indicatively mentioned in the Penal Code, in special criminal laws, in the legislation concerning the protection of personal data, in the legislation concerning the telecommunications, the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as the relevant legislation of the EU, the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority, as well as actions that may offend any right or other lawful interest of NEWLAW.

    In case any third party files a complaint against NEWLAW or its administrators on account of insulting any legally protected right of theirs, which is included in the user’s field of liability in accordance with the stipulated text of the terms of use, NEWLAW reserves the right to claim compensation from the user for breach of the terms of use and any other legal consequence that derives from it.

    In any case, by entering and using the NEWLAW website, you also agree that any exemptions or limited liabilities laid out in the present text are correct and logical. In case you think otherwise, you must not use this website.

    You have been informed that NEWLAW reserves the right to modify or/and temporarily or permanently stop part or all of its services with or without warning to its users/members, since the terms of use have been breached. In this case the users/members acknowledge that they cannot claim any compensation from NEWLAW or its administrators.


  • By using the appropriate links within NEWLAW, you can have access to websites of third parties. The process of placing these links has taken place with the sole purpose to facilitate the visitor’s browsing through the internet. In no way does it constitute indication of acceptance or approval of website content presented in a hyperlink. Each link leads to a different website where the browsing is subject to the terms and conditions of use of the website in question. NEWLAW is not responsible in any way for the content and the protection of personal data policy of the website presented via a link. The user is solely responsible for the access to any website through provided links.


  • NEWLAW is bound to make any possible effort to safeguard your personal data. Therefore they cannot be transferred to any third party (natural person or legal entity) without your consent for any reason, except for cases where it is stipulated by the law where they will be provided exclusively to the competent authorities.

    Underage visitors have access to our services only with their parents’ or guardians’ consent or in special cases where such an action is allowed on the basis of current legislation.

    The visitor/user may communicate with the website’s administrators at any moment at [email protected], in order to be informed whether there is a record of their personal data. The visitor reserves the right of information, access and opposition to any further processing in accordance with the articles 12 and 13 of the 2472/97 Act for the protection of personal data. Any of the aforementioned rights can be exercised by serving a document to NEWLAW in the following ways: a. by sending a registered mail via post office to the address “NEWLAW Tsilonis-Vogiatzoglou Law firm, 10 Tsimiski str., 1st floor, P.C. 546 24, Thessaloniki b. by email to the address [email protected] (but you will have to receive an email from us stating that we have indeed received your email) and c. by fax at 2310 261 503.

    The use of personal codes created by the user of the website is necessary for services and processing of certain transactions through www.newlaw.gr. The aforementioned codes are strictly personal and each user is personally responsible for their safekeeping. NEWLAW bears no responsibility for any leaking of codes or personal data to third unauthorized parties under the use of these codes. In case these codes leak then you must notify NEWLAW at once. In case this does not happen, NEWLAW bears no responsibility for the use of these personal data by third parties.

    All records and data transformed via the app are protected by legal confidentiality and are used exclusively by NEWLAW for the studying of the case. If the applicant-client wishes to terminate their collaboration with NEWLAW, they can ask for the file of their case, given that there are no financial abeyances.

    NEWLAW keeps records of the users’ personal data exclusively for legal, tax and communication purposes. Within the framework of continual improvement of its services and information, it may process a part or all of the data you yourselves have sent for statistic and financial reasons under strict terms of confidentiality and anonymity.

    The content of the present “Policy for the Protection of Personal Data” may be modified at any given moment due to upgrading, conversion or enrichment purposes of the provided services via the website www.newlaw.gr. For this reason, you are advised to check the content of the website in question regularly so that you can be informed for the current policies.

    Legal framework for the protection of personal data and confidentiality

    Greece: 2472/1997 Act, 3471/2006 Act, Article 7 2819/2000 Act, 4194/2013 Act

    Presidential Decree 207/1998 and 79/2000

    Regulatory Administrative Act of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority

    European Union: Directive 95/46 EC, 2002/58/EC, 2009/136/EC


  • The services provided by the website www.newlaw.gr constitute contracts for the provision of services, which are governed by the legal framework of both 4194/2013 Act (Lawyer’s Code) and 2251/1994 Act (Consumer Protection). The contract is considered concluded the moment the payment to NEWLAW has taken place. The user-customer expressly acknowledges that the provision of services starts at that point.

  • 10. PROCESS

  • The user selects the option “My Case” from the main menu. Then they select the general category and the type of case they wish to handle. The user must complete the required personal data. After that the user is transferred to the question stage. The questions are different and relevant to the type of case that has been selected. After that stage is concluded, the user must send the documents that are requested each time either via email or via the online platform or via post office based on the given instructions. Later the user is called to proceed with the payment. Within 2 work days the user receives a draft of the legal documents that concern their case. After approving the draft and submitting their final observations, the application is submitted to the competent tribunal secretary or, if it concerns a private agreement/subpoena, to the user themselves or the judicial bailiff to be served.


  • All transactions with NEWLAW are managed by Piraeus Bank via the payment cards VISA, MASTERCARD & MAESTRO or via Paypal (debit cards, credit cards, pre-paid cards etc.). Therefore, although the NEWLAW online platform operates based on the strict security standards of SSL Extended Validation, the transactions are primarily secured by the security protocols and systems used by the Piraeus Bank and Paypal.

    The monitor on which these data are inserted belongs to the Piraeus Bank operation systems and the data are collected directly by the bank without any intervention by NEWLAW.

    Moreover, the transactions are concluded on the Piraeus Bank online network and NEWLAW has no access to data, such as card number, expiration date or CV2. Therefore, NEWLAW bears no responsibility for issues that may arise concerning any of the aforementioned data.

    If the user has any doubts or questions on the debit/credit card charges, they must communicate directly with the bank that has issued the card.

    The user can print an electronic receipt and save it on their personal computer in pdf format (adobe reader) after the conclusion of each transaction.

    NEWLAW takes technical and organizational precautions for the safety of the data and transactions that take place online. The transaction data (transaction number, amount of payment, IP address), which are collected and processed by NEWLAW are exclusively used for reception, execution and completion of payment purposes, in accordance with the mutual obligation requirements. These data are not announced or transmitted by our firm to any third party, except for the aforementioned collaborating bank, and are deleted when their purpose is served. The user accepts and expressly consents to the processing of their personal data by both NEWLAW and Piraeus Bank during the use of this service.

  • 12. PRICE

  • All prices are in euro. The price includes the lawyer’s fee, 23% tax, the required tax stamp, administrative fee, quadruplicates, application printing expenses, postal service expenses for documents sent to the applicant-client and usually all expenses and fee for the judicial bailiff for serving one document, except for cases of road traffic accident compensation claims in the price of which two servings are included.

    The price solely includes the drafting of the application, the non-judicial notice of default, the private agreement and its submission to the competent tribunal secretary or respectively its serving by a judicial bailiff. It is expressly highlighted that the hearing of the case is not included. If the applicant wishes to be represented in court by NEWLAW, then the firm price list is applied.


  • 13.1 The use of appropriate links within the website enables access to third party websites. The placement of these links is for the sole purpose of facilitating the User while browsing the Internet and providing him with the most up-to-date information on issues and issues that may be of interest to him. It is in no way an indication of the acceptance or approval of the content of the web pages listed with a hyperlink. Each link leads to a different website, the navigation to which is subject to the terms of use of that website. NEWLAW is in no way responsible for the content / services of other websites whose "hyperlinks" or ads are posted on the Site, do not warrant their availability and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by it. their use, as the visitor / user only accesses them at his/her own risk. Finally, the Law Firm assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the content and privacy policy of the web site listed herein and invites the user to carefully review the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy of the web sites that are provided. visits through provided hyperlinks.

    osited in the user’s bank account, after subtracting the amount of money for services provided before the user exercised the withdrawal right.

    The contract is considered concluded when the application has been submitted or, in case of nonjudicial notice of default, the document has been served, given that the user-client has paid the designated fee. The withdrawal right can be exercised up until the document is served, which concludes the contract. If the submission/serving of document has taken place within the time-frame of 14 days, the user-client loses the right of withdrawal on account of completion of the contract.