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Newlaw created the first online legal services in Greece.

Select your case, see the requisite documents and the total price, answer the questions, upload the documents and relax!

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What do our online legal services include

Collection of the requisite documents

We give you instructions to upload the requisite documents for your case.

Drafting the legal document

We have already prepared all the questions that we would ask you if you came to our offices. You answer them and then we draft quickly the legal document(s) regarding your case (contract, brief etc.).

Within the next two working days you get the legal document(s) at your e-mail so that you can read and approve it/them.

Personal contact

We are always available for a personal contact with you via the schedule of a face-to-face meeting or teleconference if you so desire or your case requires.

Creating your personal online profile

We create instantly for you a personal online profile through which you can see at any time the development of your case.

Via your profile you can see at any time
the bailiff’s services of process, the information regarding the date and place of the scheduled hearing, the docket, as well as the final judgment.
How do our online legal services work
  • 1

    Register for free

    You can follow the instructions at the following video and complete the registration within two minutes!
  • 2

    Select your case

    Go from the homepage’s menu to “Your Case” and select the general category that suits you (e.g. family affairs, contracts, orders for payment). Then choose the specific case (e.g. no-fault divorce, private lease agreement, order for payment of a bounced cheque)
  • 3

    Answer the questions and upload the documents

    See the requisite documents and the total price, click ‘Create’ and answer the questions we have already prepared for you depending on your case. Finally, upload the documents according to our instructions.
See how it works
Our online legal services can serve both individuals and enterprises

We are here to help you

Our law firm is situated at 10 Tsimiski str., 546 24 Thessaloniki, Greece and offers legal services to Greek, European and foreign citizens who might have cases in Greece.

Tel.: +30 2310 551 501,
        +30 2310 261 501,
        +30 2310 261 502

Why to choose Newlaw

  • Because you register for free and you get a personal account through which you can see online the development of your case.
  • Because you select the case that interests you and you instantly see the requisite documents and the total price.
  • Because you answer simple questions comfortably and conveniently from your home or office.
  • Because you upload the requisite documents and receive from us quickly information about your case.
  • Because you save valuable time by avoiding unnecessary travels and meetings.
  • Because you save money, have much less stress and you know your case is organized.
  • Because you trust your case to a legal firm with experienced, specialized and successful team of lawyers all over Greece.

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